HOMERelayA letter from Aso   


I am Kazae Hayashi of “Tokai University,Aso no Akari”. In 2017, August, I talked about my experience and what I learned a lesson from the earthquake as a storyteller in Minamiaso village, Kurokawa area(link). In Kurokawa area where all of you walked around with me, many buildings have been torn down and have made way for the new buildings.

Our campus is in Kumamoto city so we don’t have many opportunities to get together with a landlord and residents. But we love Aso and we would not like to lose our relationship with Minamiaso. So we went to a New Year’s traditional festival “Dondoya” and joined an earthquake recovery event “Minami Aso Dai Fukkousai” with Minamiaso residents. Usually there are a small number of people in Minamiaso village but artists and people from outside of Kumamoto came to the festival. Everyone got into the spirit of these festivals. Then inexperienced freshmen also joined these festivals. It created a new bond between them and Minamiaso.

A few days ago, I visited Nakamura farm where we visited together before. Do you remember a baby cow, Noriko? She was born on the very day of our visit. She has grown up. Moreover, Mr. Nakamura has rebuilt a barn which was destroyed due to the earthquake. It seems that it will take more time to recover from the earthquake, but we believe there are a lot of things that we can do.